TL aren't in London. Are you?

TL are #katyandsarah💋 and we’re #notinlondon & that’s important to remember because let’s face it most of us aren’t.

We’ve been putting the fun in to events for a year now here in the southwest. We’ve a growing and highly credible list of local and national brands we’ve worked with (see the website) bringing them together with a growing tribe of gorgeous beautiful clever Loungers.

Our list of guests is pretty enviable too, as we’ve brought some mighty influencers to Bath showcasing our region and its offerings.

If you want to work with us, we are writing our AW programme now and is looking sexy already.

Grabbing our attention is as easy as a message in our DM. We promise to reply.

#troublelounge #events #bookevents #imwiththeband #TL #funevents 📸 Heartfulloftea

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