Trouble Lounge does Camping Packing List!


The TL packing list for a true trouble lounge / carry on Camping experience!

1.Glow sticks. As Pooh Bear said. No one is un cheered with a Glow Stick (well he said balloons...same same but different. init.)

2.Fizz in a Can #bringthefizz - We love the Pinot Pinot cans (Sainsburys/Tescos/co-op) Grab a few & enjoy with the girls or whilst putting up the tent. it will help distract from any potential tent erection arguments. 

3.A hip flask. Always. Gin & Rum are our favourites (Adams Gin in a Can & Malibu Cans are winners too)

4.Bum bag / fanny pack for hip flask, money, wipes, sweets for the kids (and you, a sugar hot can be needed)

5.Colourful accessories & GLITTER. SB has a great wooden toy necklace, absolutely Awesome. Kate loves a bejewelled visor. This year we will be rocking our Dakota Rea beauties. 

6.Our friends at SPLANG have a great festi glitter pack. Glitter is also good for covering day 3 festival hair  aka greasy roots. 

7.An awesome outfit every day / possible evening outfit if you want to milk the photo ops (which we do) and maximise exposure of your sequin collection. See Burnt Soul for some amazing bodysuits.

8.Ponchos - a they look cool and are practical.

9.Toilet paper /wet wipes / bum wipes - not just for the kids if you get what we mean ;o)

10.Carry on Camping paraphernalia - Mugs, Tees, places. Anything with Sid James and Babs on works for us. #britishinstitution.

11.Sunscreen - Mega important ladies, we don't want any premature ageing.

12. A SMILE ! Always bring that!

We hope you will join us on Saturday, outside the Bollywood Tent for a Instagram meet up. Bring the whole family or just yourself. Merry making and fun to be had this year!


Sarah & Kate x x