Camp Bestival - A real life love in.

Whilst it finished with a pretty impressive storm, one in which Sarah got dumped on her arse when her tent took off and Katy took a smack to the face with a box, the memories of raving at midnight with the families, wearing our glitter best, eating and drinking Dorset's finest and hanging with and making new friends are the memories that will endure after the bruises fade. We guess you could argue a storm was on theme.....

camp bestival 1.jpg

Saturday morning we met (a bit hungover from an epic late one in the Big Top tent with the incredible DJ Jaguar Skills...….) outside the glorious Bollywood. Needless to say we had a pinotpinot can of fizz in hand and festooned with Splang festival glitter ready to selfie with fellow grammers and bloggers IRL. 

Because lets face it, whilst we love the squares and all it has brought us, actual real life in the flesh meet-ups are where it is at. It's the main reason we do what we make new friends, connect. socialise, network and have fun. And who knows what may come of a chance encounter with a tin of fizz in hand. For example, did you know that at our very first event @DressLikeAMum Zoe met Jane @SomersetLondon and now Zoe has her very own sunglasses line?...Kate's wearing them here in the Dorset sunshine. 

The whole experience has got the creative juices following again as we write our A/W programme. What events would you like to see the TL put on in the south west? Want to work with us? Just let us know across all the usual channels. 

Until 19, Camp Bestival…..permission to go ashore!



camp bestival group.jpg