Trouble Lounge 1st Birthday Shennigans

Trouble Lounge is 1. 

And what a glittery, fun loving, prosecco swilling, inflatable posing, love-in year it's been.

Since the lovely Zoe, Dress Like A Mum agreed to be our first guest, we have met all you beautiful people, invited more of our fav grammers to Bath and shared the selfie magic. We really couldn't have dreamt that our baby, the Trouble Lounge, would be so well received.

Our original idea, following a blind date and a clear meeting of (dirty) minds and shared sense of humour, way back when...., was to gather the cool ones, the gorgeous ones, the loveliest people we could find and organise carefully selected, sexy, interesting, affordable meet-ups currently not being offered here in Bath. We have moved around the city, trying to work with local businesses, sharing the love and bringing different venues to life with our sweary, happy tribe. We wanted to work with the best brands, both local and national, bringing people and the cool stuff together. We hoped that people would make friends, that networking would happen and that our creative ideas would ignite yours. 

And even if we do say so ourselves, we nailed it!

We have loved it and year 2 offers us just as many exciting opportunities, and some. We have a mind to change things up a bit too; to branch out, to keep evolving, and never be caught napping (because we have our emulators and we plan to stay one, if not two steps ahead). There's ideas on the table, collaborations forming, talks happening, like there's always been, and as ever, we'd love to hear from you guys as to what events you'd like to get involved in. 

But for now, we gather on June 14th at super swanky Walcot House to meet the uber grammer MOD and do just a little bit more self congratulation.

Thank you, Loungers. Thank you.

Katy & Sarah


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