play hard

play hard

"Work hard, play hard
Work hard, play hard
We work hard, play hard
Keep partyin' like it's your job"

The Trouble Lounge LOVE a party, we know HOW to party and best of all, we throw a great party!

Our Trouble Lounge parties are all about making connections, celebrating life’s wins with our sparkly community and having as much fun as possible with our time off.

Being mum, wife, woman & an all-action superhero every day, can be a challenge. This is our motivaton, why we wanted to host parties. The Trouble Lounge is a place where everyone, everyone, can come and just be themselves greeted by a friendly and warm welcome. We are a glittered covered and colourful, stylish gang where meaningful conversations are had whilst sinking some fabulous cocktails.

We host excellent guest speakers from across the fashion, business and beauty worlds at events designed to make you think, make you smile and start some excellent conversations. Oh and don't forget our annual knicker-wetting comedy night, THE freelancers Christmas party!

Our aim is to send you home (or onwards for more) buzzing from new connections made with some brilliant stories to tell.

The Trouble Lounge Club; sign up, get involved.