Why Festivals are good for YOU


Why Festivals are Good for YOU!

We head off to Lulworth Cove for Camp Bestival 2019 in a few days and we are sooooooooo excited! Festival prep is well under way with outfit schujjing top of the to-do list. Whilst we totally agree that there’s quite a lot of work involved for such a seemingly short time away, we’d argue it’s totally worth all the effort.

Here’s why we think festivals are good for you, good for your relationship and good for the family.

We’d urge you to drop the routine, all the routines, especially the sleep routines we all fuss so much over. Everyone will sleep eventually, we promise; the intake of fresh air will have topped out so sleep will arrive. There’s no work the next day so catch up then!

The kids like to see you break out of your mum routine; dress-up, dance, sleep in, make friends, cook on a camping stove, get that tent up however long it takes! Your little ones will learn so much.

Celebrate your community: not your neighbours, although celebrate them too but celebrate your like-minded community. Celebrate the music lovers, the dresser-uppers and the free thinkers. Dance like no-one is watching. No one is watching. Well, your kids are and if they are 10 and below then they will be smiling at you. If they are over 10, then they will smile at you again, eventually, in another decade…. But you can’t wait that long to dance. Dance.

Chill. Properly chill. Find a spot, roll out your rug and stop still. Yes, yes, the kids are on the move but come on, if Mr Tumble is on top form you can find a few slow hours to tune out and breath in and out the oxygen.

Wear the glitter. Dress the tent. Re-create the wild you. The give fewer fucks you. The time is but a construct you. This is your holiday, your time off. Be a little wild…be really wild!

Try new food. Listen to different music genres. Get your hair braided, yes you mum! Festivals are excellent opportunities to try something new and no-one, absolutely no-one is going to judge you.

And we guarantee you’ll arrive home with plenty of washing and glitter everywhere but with so many brilliant memories.

See you there, Loungers.

Katy & Sarah x


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TL CoWorking Club, #no.1.

Love what you do.

We had an excellent first gathering of our #tlcoworkclub where we proved that collaboration over competition is the way forward.

We were joined by some incredible women doing amazing things and we were honoured that they shared their stories with us. We smashed social media content planning for the month of August, declared we were superheroes (our #Marymoment) & laughed along the way.

Rule 1 of the Trouble Lounge Co-Working Club: Be nice.

Next session August 30th, details to be confirmed. DM for more.

What you told us about our co-working session “Some of my Bath friends are freelance/self employed/business owners. Some of my Bath friends are awesome women. Some of my Bath friends are rule breakers, creative thinkers and fun lovers. At the intersection of that Venn diagram is Trouble Lounge Co-Working! This is my business tribe. Who else is in?

Thanks to #revolutionbath for the venue & to #arcticicedcoffee for the fuel.

Next stop: #campbestival2019

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Why Co-Working is going to Rock!

Blog - Why Co-Working is going to Rock!

It was a lightbulb moment and yet it’s so bloody obvious!

Co-Working fits so neatly with the Trouble Lounge ethos we can’t work out why we didn’t do it before!

We’d been wanting to grow Trouble Lounge for a while, but it all felt it bit like the old work life family imbalance scenario.

We couldn’t properly nurture TL like we wanted to because we had to go to ‘proper’ work and yet it wasn’t growing and flourishing as a result. But we really do love TL as much as our own kids (probably more! It’s certainly easier to manage at times!!). So, what next….

Our core message has always been about finding time for the sassy ladies of Bath to take some much-needed time off (from our real-life babies, including the fellas) and connect, inspire and celebrate life’s small wins, with our ever so sparkly community. We have hosted some epic parties since we gave birth (there we go again) to our TL baby in 2017 but it needed a different working model, to get all a bit serious on you.

We (Katy and Sarah, Trouble Lounge founders) both work in social media, if you’ve met us, you’ll know that it’s rare moment to see us without our phones. Go on have a think…. you haven’t had you?! So, our lives are dominated by trying to create content for other businesses. Social Media constantly asks us to feed it content, to be on-line and stay abreast of its latest algorithmic twists and turns. To create the hashtags, write that copy, answers those queries……So, any easy wins are welcomed; celebrated!

Enter the TL Co-Working Club, a sign-up subscription-based group, for anyone running social media platforms to meet and brainstorm for the month ahead. You bring your social media mountain and we scale it as a team. Better together and all that.

And so we created our Co-Working Club.

Why Join us?

You can be sure of the same inclusivity you’ve experienced at one of our events. Everyone is welcome. No question too silly and everyone gets their turn.

Connect with other businesses who will in turn learn about you and your business but in a very informal way. The Trouble Lounge Way.

Get out of the house/office/spare room and feel like you are part of a team. We want you to do well. Makes us look good too.

Collaboration over competition. Every day. We are here to be on your team and hope you’ll wanna be in our gang too.

Plus, besties always tell bestie’s all the good stuff first, so you’ll be the first to know about all the play hard events coming up.

And each month we will bring you a little ‘be nice’ goodie. To say thanks. Because we are nice. We are all nice. It’s a Club House Rule.

Katy & Sarah #whatkatyandsarahdidinbath

Sign up here


what katy & sarah did in Bath

Blog – We’ve got news.

July 2019

The Trouble Lounge girls Katy and Sarah have been plotting.

To re-cap. We are two Bath based social media devoted mums committed to putting the bubbles back into Bath, the zest back into events in the South West. To find the hard-working fabulous local lasses and give them some time off with meaning.

Social media managers by day, party funsters by night our motto is ‘work hard, play hard, be nice’, although we also fully admit to being in our PJ’s by 6.30 some nights too!

In 2017 and 2018 we ticked the play hard box, and some, with what is now a rather brilliant list of memorable nights out. As we’ve grown, we have roared with laughter at the scummy mummies too and got fizzy knickers dancing with The Cuban Brothers….defo more of that on the horizon, so keep watching.

And whilst this all continues with as much pace as it ever did, we thought we’d change things up, ready for the next phase, to get a little serious, if you will.

As freelancers we know how lonely and draining spending hours creating content can be. Never ending daily content ahead, limited resources, creative juices rinsed. We can help. Join us each month and let us brainstorm our social media planning together. 

…and then we had a lightbulb moment….

….Introducing The TL Co-Working Club….

How does it work? Well, it’s led by you guys. Turn up with your workload for the month ahead and as a group we solve that! Let’s blast the content planning together supported by each other, in an inclusive and fresh environment. Break out of the office/spare room and collaborate. This is an affordable, relaxed and friendly hub, where no questions is too silly.

We will have done our homework and be ready armed with a toolkit for you, all we need is your social media load! Simples. We will even throw in a coffee and hope to share some goodies with you each month too.

Dates to be advised.

1 monthly.

Central Bath

Subscription £20 monthly payable in advance


Sign up here:



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