About Tl


"To Have FUN and spend time with like-minded stars"

Who are we?

Creatives Katy, the faux blonde & Sarah the brunette, are social media obsessives with backgrounds in music and media.

They got a blind date style intro, giggled, brainstormed and the

Trouble Lounge was born.

The Trouble Lounge is a happy & inclusive hangout; both on-line & at venues across the South West, with our super sassy social media events. We are Bath based, but mobile.

The Trouble Lounge is a place to have fun, connect , meet up, be nice & get social.


What people said

You lot are gorgeous - Mary Berry

I love you - The Cuban Brothers

Fabulous ladies - The Scummy Mummies

Fabulous evening. Thanks for having us - Hustle & Fox

Double Trouble. Go follow - Parent Apparel

Best bloggers - Bath Festivals

Lovely - Sarah's nan

Where the fuck are you - the husbands


We love connecting people and brands.

join us and other like-minded lovers of all things fashion, the fabulous and the feel good.

Chief Trouble Loungers and social media obsessives, Sarah & Katy, are keen to bring fresh ways to engage with others.

If you want to join us or work with us please give us a shout and let get on it!

A Brief History

@troublelounge #troublelounge #troubleloungers

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